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The newest trend is the coupon box method and honestly, I can see how this could really make a difference! There are a couple of options out there on the market, and you could of course make one yourself, but personally, I wanted to find one that was good quality and came ready to go… just unpack, know exactly what to do and get myself on track. I found this with the MyCouponKeeper System!
Caroline~ Blogger, My Coupon Expert

What is MyCouponKeeper?

 MyCouponKeeper® offers everything you need to get organized and start saving money. It is the perfect sized box. Dividers are custom sized and durable. Category labels are sensible for easy retrieval of coupons. The purse size folder designed to hold coupons for your shopping trip on one side and coupons that will be handed to the cashier on the other! It’s quick and easy! Get ready to “Maximize Your Savings with Organization!!”



Notable Features:

  • Quick and easy access to coupons while shopping!
  • Lightweight, durable coupon box with inset-style grooved handle!
  • Fits in All shopping carts!
  • Holds over 1800 coupons!
  • No folding coupons or cramming to fit!
  • Folder gives quick retrieval of coupons needed for check-out!



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