meet the designer

Brandy 9-001

MyCouponKeeper® Company began out of the passion for saving money and the frustration to find an easy, user friendly method to organize coupons! Many times, I was ready to throw in the towel, not feeling fully prepared for shopping trips. I missed many opportunities to save money with my coupons because they were not clipped.  At home, I had stacks of clipped coupons everywhere, ready to file. It seemed as if I could never find the right size box or the right system. Realizing quickly that organization was the key to couponing, my mission began to develop a system simplifying couponing with organization that would be quick, easy, and fun! While the project was started for myself, people started asking about it, and soon it had to be produced on a much larger scale.  MyCouponKeeper has quickly become the newest trend in couponing!  This system offers everything you need to get organized and to start saving money. It is the perfect sized box that fits perfectly in the grocery cart. Dividers are custom sized, durable and category labels are sensible for easy retrieval of coupons. The purse sized folder is designed to hold coupons for your shopping trip on one side and coupons that will be handed to the cashier on the other! It’s quick and easy! Get ready to “Maximize your Savings with Organization!!”

Brandi Ackerman